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We are proud of our employees! Our employees have a vast practical experience with administration and maintenance of Oracle databases, application server and other application products. All our specialists have at least Oracle Certified Professional qualification; our leading specialists can pride themselves with Oracle Certified Master and Oracle Certified Expert (RAC, Tuning) qualifications. 

The leading specialists have more than 10 years of experience in administration, maintenance or technical support of Oracle applications.

We have participated in creation and maintenance of many Oracle infrastructure high availability solutions, we have implemented various security solutions, coordinated system performance, provided for cooperation between the customer and system developer and carried out many other activities.

DBA Competence Center specialists teach various trainings in Oracle application administration and maintenance in Oracle University which is represented by Baltic Computer Academy in Latvia.


Leading experts and company management:

Arvils Freipičs
Member of the Board

Juris Trošins
Training and competence manager


Jānis Ozoliņš
Technical support manager

Jurijs Oļeiņikovs
Outsourcing manager


Sandis Ķerve
Senior data base administrator

Marks Gordejevs
Senior data base administrator


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